About Us

Empty Wall is a unique place where art meets utility. Here, in one place, you will find the works of great masters and the works of promising artists who aspire to be the future classics.

Its owners - Karolina and thomas carefully select the presented works and assortment so that everyone can find something inspiring, beautiful and absolutely moving. They wanted to create a place where art is available to everyone.

That's why we focused not only on the best works, but also on the best possible printing method and the highest quality Hahnemühle paper. All this to make you enjoy the work once purchased for many years. An important aspect of these decisions is also concern for the environment. The paper and packaging in which we ship our assortment is completely biodegradable, and for each product purchased from us we plant a tree in Myanmar.

Almost every day we try to surprise our customers with new designs and assortment. Always respecting the environment and always of the highest quality. We are constantly looking for new, ecological and innovative solutions that will change the old habits of the industry once and for all.

We are convinced that both we and the environment deserve the best. Welcome to the world of Empty Wall!