Size Guide

At EMPTY WALL we offer exclusive art prints in various sizes.

But hey... what means A3 and A2 means? Are we talking centimeters or inches? What frame fits my art print?

Let us guide you!

Here you have an overview of the most common standard A sizes in millimeters (mm) and inches.


Except from A sizes we also offer sizes like 30X40 cm/12x16", 40X50 cm/16x20", 50X70 cm/20x28" and 70X100 cm/28x40". 


Most of our art prints are available in multiple sizes, but some can be limited to only one or two sizes. They all fits standard frame sizes.

Hopefully you are all good now...!

If not, you just send us an email on and we will be happy to help you!

Enjoy! 🌱